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Award winning graphic designer, photographer, stylist and storyteller from Norway.
Founder of blog and e-magazine BY FRYD. Both with great success and a big audience. She has contributed to, and been featured in, leading interior magazines, newspapers and books worldwide. Was one of two designers behind the brand HYSJ and have done design collaborations with great companies in Norway.

Alongside design, she has held talks at several events and been a part of online workshops teaching about photography, graphic design and how to be true to your heart in a world full of inspiration and trends.

Today she is working from her own company LUNDE with Norway as base, but with the world as a workplace.

"I believe in love, any form of it. My work is a reflection of this. It carries the energy from within. Every day I strive to be conscious in the choices I make, to be aware of where I put my attention. To be the change; through my beliefs, thoughts and actions".


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